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The Benefits of Face Masks: Treating Your Skin to a Spa-like Experience

The Benefits of Face Masks: Treating Your Skin to a Spa-like Experience

There’s no denying how relaxing and indulgent it can feel to use a face mask. However, face masks aren’t solely about injecting a little decadence into your skincare routine. Instead, these versatile products pack a huge array of benefits, enabling them to improve the complexion in multiple ways.

Wondering whether you need more face masks in your skincare routine? Chances are, the answer is yes. Read on as Celestolite explains why.

What is a Face Mask?

Face masks are nothing new. Many ancient cultures created their own versions of face masks, with the first patented face mask appearing on the market in the 1800s. Since then, they’ve soared in popularity, becoming a skincare staple around the world.

Essentially, a face mask is a product designed to remain on the skin for a certain length of time. They provide an intensive burst of highly concentrated ingredients, making them capable of tackling a variety of visible skin concerns.

Face Masks Can Deeply Hydrate and Moisturize the Skin

One of the biggest benefits that come from using face masks is intense hydration. This is something that every skin type benefits from. After all, the better hydrated your skin cells are, the more efficiently they’ll function. 

While not every face mask will focus on hydration, the majority of them still provide it to a certain extent. That said, if you want to ensure that your skin is receiving as much hydration as possible, a leave-on mask would be the best type to opt for. Although these can be used at any time of the day, they’re most commonly applied in the evenings. This way, the mask is able to work its magic while you sleep.

The Jade Spectra Mask

jade spectra mask

If a leave-on mask is what you’re searching for, the Celestolite Jade Spectra Mask won’t disappoint. It contains a number of super-hydrating ingredients, including sodium hyaluronate, glycerin, and squalene. These humectants will quickly bind moisture to the skin, leaving it looking soft and dewy.

It’s also loaded with a long list of plant extracts, each one brimming with a wide range of antioxidants. From chokeberry and mangosteen to noni and pomegranate, these superfruits will all contribute to improved skin hydration levels in the long run.

Face Masks Can Be Used to Deeply Cleanse and Purify the Complexion

Nothing quite compares to the power of cleansers and exfoliants when it comes to clearing the skin of dirt, excess oil, and impurities. However, for some people, particularly those with oily, acne-prone skin, cleansing and exfoliating aren’t enough. The skin still ends up feeling congested and inflamed, meaning that breakouts are never too far away.

This is where adding a face mask into your routine can really turn things around.

When it comes to cleansing and detoxifying the complexion, clay or mud face masks are what you need. Both ingredients are revered for how they absorb excess oil from the skin. They pull this out from within the pores, taking that sebum with it when the mask is washed off. The result is a clearer, brighter, and deeply rejuvenated appearance.

The Luna Lava Mask

luna lava mask

There are a number of different clays and muds that are used in face masks, but kaolin is known for being one of the best. Not only is it effective at absorbing excess sebum without drying the skin out, but it also soothes the feeling of inflammation in the skin.

You’ll find kaolin clay in the Celestolite Luna Lava Mask. This mask stands out from the many other clay face masks on the market due to its thermal effects. It gently heats up as it’s applied to the skin, which enhances how it’s able to purify and deeply cleanse the complexion.

Even better, this mask contains a number of other noteworthy ingredients that will balance and revive the feel of your skin. From vitamins A, C, and E to coffee seed extract, lemon fruit extract, and meteorite powder, this mask will quickly have your skin looking luminescent.

Face Masks Can Reduce the Appearance of Fine Lines and Wrinkles

When trying to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, people tend to rely on serums and creams. However, face masks are a very worthy contender too…

As we mentioned earlier, most face masks are fantastic at hydrating the skin. This leaves the skin looking plumper and more volumized, which immediately softens the visibility of wrinkles.

Some face masks also contain added ingredients that target the visible signs of aging. Antioxidants do this best, and a sheet mask is a great way to ensure that all of the antioxidants in that mask are pushed as far down into the skin as possible.

The Divine Neck & Chest System

Divine Neck & Chest System

The Jade Spectra Mask that we featured earlier is ideal for diminishing the look of aging skin on your face. However, your neck and chest deserve some TLC too. Due to the thin skin in this area, it’s highly prone to the appearance of wrinkles, which the Divine Neck & Chest System aims to address. 

This is a hydrogel mask, making it exceptionally hydrating. It also contains Irish moss powder, which is packed with vitamin A, vitamin C, amino acids, antioxidants, and minerals. All of these compounds are fantastic for aging skin. They’ll slowly work to give the skin a smoother and firmer finish, leaving the neck and chest looking decades younger.

Face Masks Can Improve the Feeling of Firmness and Texture

As the skin ages, it starts to lose its firmness and elasticity. Skin texture can suffer too, often turning rough to the touch.

While serums are a great way to improve the feeling of elasticity, face masks do this brilliantly as well. Look for a mask that’s brimming with antioxidants and plant oils and you’ll soon notice a difference in how firm and smooth your skin feels.

The Mars Anti-Gravity Mask

anti-gravity mask

The Celestolite Mars Anti-Gravity Mask features the perfect formula for giving the skin a firmer and more lifted appearance. This mask is loaded with superstar ingredients, including resveratrol, peptides, hemp seed oil, rosemary leaf extract, and coral seaweed extract. Together, they work to tighten up the look of loose and sagging skin, leaving the skin feeling much bouncier.

This mask also contains diamond powder and meteorite powder. Both of these ingredients are revered for how they can brighten the complexion, giving the skin an instant glow.

Using a Face Mask: Top Tips

There’s no denying the many different benefits that face masks can offer. However, you’ll only experience them if you use your face mask in the right way:

Always Start With Clean Skin

Estrella mousse cleanser

If you want your face mask to be as effective as possible, then the ingredients within need easy access to your skin cells. There shouldn’t be any dirt, sebum, or other impurities blocking the way, meaning that you’ll need to cleanse your skin first.

Celestolite’s Estrella Mousse Cleanser is the perfect way to do so. Designed for all skin types, this gentle formula will lift away dirt and impurities to leave your skin feeling perfectly prepped for the mask that’s about to follow.

Follow the Usage Directions That Come With Your Mask

There are so many different face masks out there and each one will need to be used in its own way. It’s so important that you follow the directions that come with your mask, particularly in terms of how long you leave the mask on your skin for.

While you may be tempted to leave the mask on for longer than recommended, this could end up doing more harm than good for your skin. In the case of clay masks, your skin could end up overly dry and dehydrated. Other masks with potent actives could cause irritation when left on the skin for too long.

Don’t Leave Your Skin Bare After Masking

Estrella Night Cream

Once you’ve rinsed or removed your face mask, try to avoid leaving your skin bare. Ideally, you want to apply a serum and/or a cream over the top to seal in all of the incredible ingredients that your mask has just delivered to your skin.

If you’re masking in the evening, the Celestolite Estrella Night Cream would be the ideal follow-on. Its rich formula will ensure that all of the ingredients from your mask are locked into your skin. 

On the other hand, if you’re masking in the morning, apply the Nova Bright Skin Cream once you’re done. With SPF 30, this moisturizer will protect your complexion from UV damage while ensuring that the sun doesn’t oxidize any of the ingredients that you’ve just applied.

The Magic of Multi-Masking

Most face masks should only be used once a week. This can make things a little frustrating if you’ve invested in multiple face masks to target multiple skin concerns. 

However, rather than waiting for a week to pass before you’re able to use your next mask, there’s another method that you can try…

Multi-masking involves using multiple face masks at the same time. Each mask is applied to the part of the face that needs it the most. For example, you may want to apply a hydrating mask to your dry cheeks while also using a clay mask on your acne-prone nose and chin. 

Being able to combine different face masks in this way puts you in total control of your masking session. You’ll be able to tailor things to suit the specific needs of your skin on different areas of your face, bringing you better results than ever.

Is it possible to multi-mask with sheet masks?

For sure! Simply apply your other masks to your skin first before laying your sheet mask over the top. The seal that it provides will enhance the effects of the other masks that lie underneath. Once you’re done, remove the sheet mask before rinsing off the other masks below.


Face masks are capable of doing so much for the skin. Whether you’re trying to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, detoxify and brighten your complexion, or deeply hydrate your skin, chances are that there’s a face mask out there that will help you to reach the skin goals that you’ve been striving for!

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