A Behind The Scenes Look At The Jade Spectra Mask

A Behind The Scenes Look At The Jade Spectra Mask

Celestolite once again proves that it gives customers the most prestigious skincare products with the Jade Spectra MaskWe’ve packed this mask with several powerful ingredients to make your skin luminous, soft, moisturized, and young-looking

Trust us when we say that the Jade Spectra Mask might be your next favorite skin care product!

Want to know why?

In this article, Celestolite has listed the many skin-boosting benefits of the Jade Spectra Mask. Buckle up, because its unique blend of ingredients will surely amaze you. 

Celestolite’s Jade Spectra Mask Moisturizes Your Skin


Jade Spectra Mask

Moisture has a lot to do with skin aging. When the skin is dry, skin cells shrivel up and show signs of aging, such as wrinkles and fine lines. 

Moisture keeps the skin feel supple and soft, and lack of it makes the skin rough, scaly, and flaky.

Many products claim to moisturize the skin, but do they deliver results as promised? 

When you see the Jade Spectra Mask’s long list of hydrating ingredients, you’ll see that Celestolite doesn’t disappoint!

Sodium Hyaluronate (Hyaluronic Acid)

If you’re a skincare enthusiast, then you’ve probably heard of the hydrating powers of hyaluronic acid. Medical researchers even dub this substance as a “key molecule in skin aging.” 

Hyaluronic acid keeps skin look younger through its unique ability to retain water. 

Our bodies naturally have hyaluronic acid, but its levels decrease as we age. When that happens, the skin loses moisture, thus leading to skin aging. 

Fortunately, you can use skin care products with hyaluronic acid to make up for this loss. The Jade Spectra Mask is an excellent choice to supplement your skin with the moisture it needs. 

Here’s why:

Celestolite specifically uses sodium hyaluronate, the salt form of hyaluronic acid, in this face mask. Sodium hyaluronate has a lower molecular weight which makes it better at penetrating the skin deeper. It’s responsible for making the skin plumper and lessening the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

To experience more of the hydrating benefits of sodium hyaluronate, you can also try our Cosmic Wrinkle Plumper. This product is also infused with niacinamide, making it effective against skin aging! Pair it with our Jade Spectra Mask for deeply moisturized skin.

Aloe Leaf Extract

Aloe vera slices

Aloe is a rock star ingredient in the skin care world. People have been utilizing the aloe vera plant since ancient times. Egyptians even call it “the plant of immortality.”

It’s no wonder why:

This famous plant moisturizes the skin and combats skin aging. Aloe lessens wrinkles and makes the skin more elastic by stimulating fibroblasts. These cells are responsible for producing elastin fibers and collagen. 

Because of its collagen production abilities, aloe can also help heal wounds. Additionally, aloe helps soften the skin by sticking the superficial flaking cells together.

But wait, there’s more! 

Aside from wrinkles, aloe can also reduce acne. It even protects the skin from radiation, which is damaging to the skin.

Can’t get enough of the many wonders of aloe? You may want to check out Celestolite’s Venus Day Cream! Use this daily to achieve long-lasting smooth skin


Like hyaluronic acid, squalene is also natural in the human skin. It is one of the most common lipids in skin cells. 

Squalene is also a component of the human sebum, the oily substance responsible for moisturizing and protecting the skin. Furthermore, squalene can also replenish fatty acids in the skin.

Through hydrogenation, experts produce a saturated form of squalene, which is called squalane. Many moisturizers contain squalane since it is less prone to oxidation as compared to squalene.

You can check out our Cosmic Firming Collection to get the benefits of not just squalene but also collagen and other ingredients! This collection will leave your skin looking supple and dewy.


We’re not done with our list of hydrating ingredients just yet. 

The Jade Spectra Mask also contains glycerin. This natural compound helps promote hydration on the stratum corneum, the outermost layer of the skin. 

This layer retains water and prevents skin cracking. Glycerin is also beneficial in improving the following:

  • Skin barrier function
  • Wound healing 
  • Protection

If your skin is feeling extra dry, try our Mars Stellar Serum in conjunction with the Jade Spectra Mask. We formulated it with rich botanicals, essential oils, and many other ingredients that moisturize and refresh the skin. You can use it daily for a radiant appearance.

The Jade Spectra Mask Contains a Wide Range of Antioxidant Ingredients


Celestolite Jade Spectra Mask

Here’s an enemy of the skin you need to watch out for: 

Free radicals.

They can cause cell damage through a process called oxidative stress. From radiation to other environmental pollutants, these molecules are hard to avoid. 

Enter antioxidants, which help prevent cell damage caused by free radicals. 

Celestolite packed several antioxidant ingredients into one powerful product — the Jade Spectra Mask!

Retinyl Palmitate

This familiar skincare ingredient is a form of vitamin A. Retinyl palmitate is less potent than retinol, another derivation of vitamin A. So, it is less likely to irritate the skin.

Retinyl palmitate has powerful antioxidant protection against harmful UV rays. It can prevent signs of premature skin aging, such as wrinkles and fine lines, from appearing on your skin.

Additionally, retinyl palmitate can promote collagen production on the skin. Collagen is responsible for bringing elasticity, youthfulness, and plumpness to the skin. 

However, its levels deplete during our early twenties by around 1% each year. Lack of collagen can result in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

Fortunately, collagen levels on the skin increase significantly after only a few months of regular use of retinyl palmitate.

Because of its antioxidant and collagen-stimulating properties, retinyl palmitate has undoubtedly gained a spot as a superstar among anti-aging ingredients.

Celestolite has a wide range of products with retinyl palmitate. One of these is the Jade Spectra Phyto Silk. This popular moisturizer has a powerful blend of vitamins A (retinyl palmitate) and E. Experience healthier and more radiant skin with this unique moisturizer. 

Want the best results? 

Use it with the rest of the Jade Spectra Collection, including the Jade Spectra Mask!

Vitamin E

As if retinyl palmitate’s antioxidant properties are not enough, Celestolite steps up its formulation by adding vitamin E

Vitamin E prevents the formation of free radicals and protects the skin from UV damage. As an effect, it delays skin aging and reduces scarring from minor burns.

You can load up on vitamin E with the following foods:

  • Almonds
  • Avocados
  • Peanuts
  • Red bell peppers
  • Sunflowers 

If you don’t enjoy these particular food items, don’t fret. 

You can also experience the benefits of vitamin E with our Jade Spectra Mask. From the same collection, our Jade Spectra Bead Cream also offers the anti-aging benefits of vitamin E, together with vitamin A.

Goji Extract

Goji berries

An unfamiliar but beneficial ingredient, the goji fruit also exhibits antioxidant properties. 

This fruit can be found in Asia, particularly northwest China. Lycium chinense, when combined with its closely related plant called Lycium barbarum, produces goji berries.

Different berry-type fruits have an abundance of antioxidant properties. Goji berries contain betaine which can decrease photodamage brought about by UVB irradiation. 

Betaine is also responsible for preventing wrinkles and collagen damage. So, goji fruit has considerable anti-aging effects on the skin. 

The goji berries’ antioxidant properties also make it helpful in preventing cancer progression. Because of their many health benefits, goji berries have recently become popular in North America and Europe as a superfruit.

Mangosteen Fruit Extract

Next up on our list of antioxidant ingredients is the mangosteen fruit extract. Younger mangosteen fruit rind extract stimulates higher free radical scavenging activity.

Additionally, mature mangosteen fruit rind extract produces anti-acne-producing bacteria activity. 

Having acne can be very stressful. You’re lucky if you outgrow it during your teens because many people carry it even to adulthood. 

Acne forms when oil and dead skin cells clog hair follicles. Aside from the face, acne can also appear on your

  • Upper back
  • Shoulders 
  • Chest

Acne can even scar the skin, depending on the severity. It is crucial to start treatments as early as possible to avoid further problems. Thankfully, the Jade Spectra Mask contains mangosteen that not just protects from free radicals but prevents acne as well.

Mangosteen also has some properties that help fight eczema, also known as dermatitis, and other skin conditions!

Acai Berry Fruit Extract

Acai palm trees are from Central and South America. They produce a deep purple fruit which has been an essential food source for people in the Amazon. 

Labeled as a superfood, acai berries offer many health benefits to the body. In the United States, acai products have gained popularity as products for anti-aging and weight loss.

Like goji and other berries, acai berries have antioxidant properties. 

Additionally, this grape-like fruit is beneficial for people with hyperpigmentation. Acai berries can even out your skin tone! Plus, acai berry water extract exhibits wound healing and scar tissue reduction properties.

Bilberry Fruit Extract

Bilberry contains anthocyanins, a type of pigment which produces high antioxidant content. Anthocyanins also have antibacterial effects.

Furthermore, bilberry has anti-allergic, anticancer, and wound healing effects. This fruit can also help in treating chronic pruritus, a severe case of itchy skin. This condition happens to patients with atopic dermatitis and other inflammatory skin diseases.

The Jade Spectra Mask Has An Infusion Of Meteorite Powder


Meteorites in space

The Jade Spectra Mask would not be considered a Celestolite product without our special ingredient: meteorite powder. If you’re thinking space rocks, then you’re on the right track!

Celestolite gathers meteorites from secluded areas in Morocco. Once purified, cleaned, and powdered to small particles, we incorporate it into our products to utilize its nutrients.

Powdered meteorite, or meteorite dust, contains many minerals beneficial to the skin. 

Meteorites have calcium, which, apart from its role in bone strengthening, promotes cell turnover function. It is also responsible for the differentiation of skin keratinocytes in the epidermis. Keratinocytes provide the skin’s structure.

Another mineral in meteorites is magnesium, which is essential in calcium absorption. Magnesium is effective in: 

    • Ridding your skin of acne and other skin diseases
    • Calming irritated skin
    • Protecting your skin from external damage

The third most abundant trace element in the body, silicon, is also present in meteorites. It helps collagen production and hydroxylation enzyme activation. Silicon can improve the skin’s strength and elasticity.

The Jade Spectra Mask produces a real ‘star’ experience, indeed! Scan our shop to know more about our wide array of meteorite powder-infused products. If you’re trying to get rid of dull and lackluster skin, you can check out our Luna Collection

More Skincare Wonders From Celestolite’s Jade Spectra Mask


Celestolite promises to bring customers effective and luxurious products. That’s why we packed the Jade Spectra Mask with even more powerful ingredients!


The Jade Spectra Mask contains peptides, which are a must-have ingredient for a collagen boost! Peptides are natural amino acids that can quickly penetrate through the outer layer of the skin.

Different types of peptides have various functions. Celestolite used the peptide called Acetyl Hexapeptide-8. This kind of peptide is responsible for relaxing and smoothing out wrinkles.

Our Jade Spectra Collection comprises products that contain peptides. The Jade Spectra Bead Serum, in particular, has a blend of peptides, vitamin E, and green tea extract.

Pomegranate Fruit Extract

Pomegranates are native to northern India and Iran but cultivated in other countries as well. People in ancient times believed it to be a sacred fruit that brings luck, abundance, and fertility.

This fruit has anti-inflammatory effects, as well as properties that fight skin cancer! Pomegranate juice, extract, and oil are proven effective in decreasing damage caused by solar ultraviolet radiations. Pomegranates also have wound healing and antimicrobial/fungal effects.

How To Incorporate The Jade Spectra Mask Into Your Routine


Woman looking at skin in mirror

One of the best things about the Jade Spectra Mask is you only need to use it once a week! 

This product is your next step after a thorough cleanse. Apply a generous layer on your skin and leave it on for ten minutes. Make sure to set a timer so you don’t forget!

Once time is up, massage the product into your skin. You’ll probably notice droplets form as you do this. Just let these beads disappear.

Then, you’re done! Don’t rinse off the product, let it do its magic overnight.

Celestolite’s Jade Spectra Mask is the All-In-One Product You’ve Been Looking For!


Many products can moisturize your skin, while others protect you from free radicals. The Jade Spectra Mask does all of that and more!

Make a wise investment by choosing Celestolite’s Jade Spectra Mask and find out for yourself what our customers have been raving about

We can’t wait to help you achieve the healthy and luminous skin of your dreams.

Try it along with the rest of our Jade Spectra Collection to experience the best results!

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