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    Just wondering about the cosmic wrinkle plumper. I bought some today, after having someone demo it on me under my eyes, and it took away my bags and dark circles from under my eyes all day long. However, when I washed my face tonight, the dark circles and bags were back. (I did have the feeling all day that it was just holding them in and apparently I was correct.) I was told I could use it 3 times the first week and then once per week after that. As I’ve looked online tonight, I see there is a product by another company that does something similar with peptides for less money, but it sounds like you can use their product every day. Can I use this every day, or is it somehow too harsh or something? I don’t want to do something to damage my skin, but the results were so dramatic and I’d love to look like that every day, not just once per week.

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      We would like to speak to you to further assist you. We would like to ask you more information regarding your request.
      Please contact our Customer Service Department call us at 877-554-1777 Mon-Thur 9 am to 5 pm PST or Friday 9 am to 3 pm PST.

      Kind regards,

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    gwen von seeger

    Just purchased your products at your Northstar store. We purchused the cosmic wrinkle plumper and Venus Vitamin C Serum. They sold them together as a package paying $650.00. How are these products to be used.the consultant said to apply the cosmic wrinkle plumper once a week at night and the venus vitamin c serum 2times a week. What would you say about this?

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