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Do You Really Need to Use a Neck Cream?

Do You Really Need to Use a Neck Cream?

When it comes to skincare, most people think of facial creams and toners or lotions for their legs and arms. There’s a spot that many miss: their neck. It’s not as front-and-center as the smooth skin on your visage, but it still plays a significant part in your overall look. Don’t neglect your neck!

If we don’t properly care for your neck, it can quickly look like it’s aging and start to sag. On top of that, it can dry out, increasing the apparent size of your pores and decreasing the definition of your jaw. But do you really need to use a neck cream to help you achieve a youthful and smoother appearance on the neck? Read on as Celestolite explains…

Is Your Neck Aging?

Woman looking at skin in mirror

Aging starts around your mid-twenties. It’s normal if you start to see wrinkles and fine lines on your face. But, a part that we usually forget is the neck and the decolletage (chest area) when we perform our skincare routine. The face, neck, and decolletage are sensitive parts of your body and are equally prone to aging, especially due to sun damage. It’s essential to care for and love these areas.

Don’t worry:

The care and love you put into your face are the same as what your neck and decolletage need. You just need to extend the range of your skincare routine products from your face to your neck!

Signs of an Aging Neck

But, how does aging work? As you age, your body decreases the production of some critical substances that keep your skin firm. In practical terms, the skin on your neck may begin to loosen and look like it’s starting to sag. This effect is a turkey neck, named after the saggy, crepey skin under a turkey’s beak. It also looks similar to crumpled crepe paper because of how folded and wrinkled the skin becomes. 

Another unwanted effect of aging and lifestyle on your neck is called tech neck, so named because of its cause. Many people look at devices often throughout the day, such as their phones or laptops, resulting in tech neck. Horizontal lines develop on your neck as the skin gets strained. Unlike turkey neck, tech neck is not linked to only aging but also a person’s habits when using their devices.

Your skin may also discolor or tinge red as you get older. If you see these signs, they might be possible signs of aging — and it often starts at the neck. 

One thing you should know about the skin on your neck is that it is more sensitive than the skin on your face. For one thing, it’s thinner. There are also fewer fine hairs, so any wrinkling and creasing are more pronounced. The effects of aging may appear more prominently on your neck than on other places, even your face. If you only care for your face, it can create an unusual-looking contrast where your face looks youthful and smooth, but your neck has many wrinkles and folds, appearing aged.

Causes of Neck Aging

Woman looking at neck skin in mirror

Let’s delve into the possible causes of what can give your skin an aged look:

Old Age

As you age, your body doesn’t produce as much of the two critical proteins that make your skin appear youthful: collagen and elastin. As production decreases, your skin becomes less firm and less elastic, so it sags and doesn’t spring back as well as it used to do. Both proteins are found in the dermis, the skin’s middle layer. 

Collagen acts on the skin cells, making them tough and robust, while elastin maintains the skin’s flexibility and helps it return to its shape after being stretched. Collagen and elastin are critical for maintaining the skin’s youthful glow and appearance. 

Once you reach around the age of 25, your body doesn’t make much more of these proteins, and eventually, you’ll begin to see fine lines and wrinkles on your body. These are normal, but if you want to manage the signs of aging, there are many ways to go about it. We’ll discuss the techniques in just a bit, but let’s find out other causes first so we can address them too.

Neck Movements

Being on our tech devices has us looking down for a long time. As mentioned above, looking down for most of your day leads to a tech neck. A prolonged head-down position creases your neck, which leads to the formation of lines in the long run.

Even simple movements such as looking up or turning the head could lead to wrinkles in the neck. 

Sun Exposure

As we all know, sun exposure can damage the skin and quicken aging, so one of the essential skincare products is sunscreens. There’s a benefit to sun exposure: the formation of vitamin D, which helps in the growth and repair of your bones. However, if we’re not protected enough, it will lead to skin damage. 

Here’s why:

Too much of the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays can lead to sunburn. UV rays can go deep inside the skin and hit the innermost layers, damaging the skin cells or promoting premature skin aging, also known as photoaging. The sun produces three types of UV rays

  • Ultraviolet A (UVA) causes the skin to quickly lose its elasticity and age.
  • Ultraviolet B (UVB) may increase your risk of skin cancer.
  • Ultraviolet C (UVC) the Earth’s atmosphere absorbed UVC rays, so we don’t need to worry about it as much. But it’s still best to wear sunscreen!

When ultraviolet rays from the sun reach your skin, they penetrate deep past the surface. These rays trigger the production of melanin, which is why you get a tan after staying out in the sun.

Think of melanin as your skin’s first line of defense! However, melanin is a stopgap solution — if you get too much sun, you can get a sunburn. Prolonged exposure to the sun can also cause skin damage, aging, and possibly even skin cancer.

How a Neck Cream Can Help You

Applying neck cream

Neck creams are formulated to address all the issues we’ve listed using a combination of ingredients. The best neck creams will have components that accomplish the following:

Alleviates Dry Skin

If your skin dries out, that rapidly intensifies the appearance of aging and wrinkles. A neck cream will have ingredients that help revitalize and refresh the appearance of your skin, reducing the look of creases and dryness.

Decreases Wrinkle Appearance

The ingredients in a neck cream can help fill out the visible creases in your skin and decrease the appearance of wrinkle depth, making your skin look fresher and younger.

Makes Skin Look Firm

A neck cream should also have substances, specifically peptides, that help make your skin look firmer. After regular application, your skin should appear more elastic — just as new, young skin does.

Aiming to care for the skin on your neck? Celestolite can definitely help you with this one! We have two products: the Cosmic Neck Firming Cream and the Photonix-3 Neck Solution. Use these products from the comfort of your home to help improve your neck’s look. We’ll discuss these products more in-depth in just a minute.

Celestolite’s Cosmic Neck Firming Cream

Treat yourself to the neck cream from Celestolite

What makes Celestolite’s neck cream effective in improving the neck’s appearance into becoming smoother-looking? We specially formulated it using the following ingredients:

    • Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 is a peptide that helps decrease wrinkle appearance and gives your skin a more youthful look.
    • Collagen amino acids revitalize your skin’s appearance, making it look plump and elastic.
    • Hyaluronic acid moisturizes the skin and helps reduce the look of various signs of aging like spots, wrinkles, and creases.
    • Retinyl palmitate is a vitamin A derivative that leaves skin looking refreshed and radiant.

Our Secret Ingredient

Celestolite uses a unique secret ingredient in our neck cream: Meteorite Powder. Meteorite Powder is a carefully tuned blend of essential elements and minerals that will truly give your skin a radiant, celestial glow. It dramatically reduces the intensity and depth of how your wrinkles appear and will make your skin feel better hydrated, leaving your skin looking youthful.

Photonix-3 Neck Solution

LED skincare device for neck

The Photonix-3 Neck Solution is a specialized device you can use on your neck or decolletage and is designed with Celestolite’s innovative light therapy technology. We recommend you use this device after applying the Cosmic Neck Firming Cream. After you massage neck cream into your skin, follow it up with the Photonix-3 Neck Solution for optimum results.


To effectively use the Photonix-3 Neck Solution, gently move the device upward over your skin. Cover all sites on the neck and decolletage. It can be used twice a day in the morning and night to achieve a youthful look rapidly.

There are two modes available on this device:

  • Massage mode is gentle on the skin and makes it look firmer and smoother.
  • Magnetic heat lifting mode reduces the appearance of wrinkles and lines.

Lifestyle Changes

We want you to look your best and feel good in your skin, so we won’t just be suggesting neck cream — there are many things you can do to help your skin! Aside from using our neck cream and massaging device, it can help to also look at your lifestyle to find out what might be causing your neck skin to look older. Follow these good habits to reduce the appearance of lines and folds on your neck area:

  • Wear sunscreen daily, preferably with at least SPF 30, broad-spectrum, and water resistance. 
  • Make sure you’re covering the basics with your skincare routine. Wash your face at least twice a day or after you sweat.
  • Moisturize your skin, and be sure to know what your skin likes and doesn’t like. 
  • Avoid smoking. Smoking narrows the blood vessels in your skin, which speeds up skin aging and leads to dull coloring and wrinkly skin. 
  • Limit alcohol intake, which can lead to dehydration and looking older quickly.
  • Eat nutritious foods, like fresh fruits and vegetables. A healthy diet contributes significantly to your appearance!
  • Exercise often to enhance blood circulation and the immune system, making you look younger.

Woman exercising

To Wrap Up

As your skin ages, it becomes less firm and less elastic. If you don’t take care of it, aging can lead to a turkey neck with sagging skin and folds. If you use devices like cellphones and laptops often, you might also develop tech neck, in which horizontal lines appear due to frequently looking down on your phones and laptops. An aged appearance may be due to decreased collagen and elastin production, frequent neck movements, too much sun exposure, or other environmental factors like pollution. It can also result from lifestyle choices, like diet, smoking, and alcohol consumption.

A neck cream can help you counter some of the cosmetic effects of aging and skin damage. If you’d like your face, neck, and decolletage to look radiantly youthful, a neck cream is the way to go.

Want to improve your neck’s look? Celestolite’s Cosmic Neck Firming Cream and Photonix-3 Neck Solution are here to save the day.

If you want to pump up your skincare routine to the next level, you might want to try out our Cosmic Firming Collection + Celestial Renewal System. The Cosmic Firming Collection includes our firming mask, serum, and cream. And, of course, it has our neck cream too. The Celestial Renewal System includes face and eye masks to provide a complete, well-rounded beauty package.

Don’t just wait! Let’s level up your skincare now using Celestolite products.

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