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Skincare Routine for Acne-Prone Skin: Targeting Breakouts

Skincare Routine for Acne-Prone Skin: Targeting Breakouts

Struggling to deal with your acne-prone skin? You’re not alone. For many people, this can be a long battle that isn’t helped by the fact that so many of the skincare products out there can actually make acne so much worse.

So, what should you do? Your starting point should be to understand why you have acne-prone skin in the first place. Once you’ve worked this out, you can then put together a skincare routine that targets the root cause of your breakouts. Read on as Celestolite talks you through how to do just that.

What Causes Acne-Prone Skin?

Ever wondered why your skin is so susceptible to breakouts? 

In most cases, it comes down to excess sebum production. When the skin’s sebaceous glands produce too much oil, it doesn’t take long before this starts to settle into the pores. It’s soon joined by dirt and other impurities, resulting in a blockage. Once bacteria enters into the mix, which, again, doesn’t take long, inflammation occurs, resulting in breakouts.

While this is something that just about everyone with acne-prone skin will have in common, the reasons behind the increased sebum production can vary. Hormonal fluctuations are often to blame, which is why teenage acne is so common. However, everything from pregnancy to certain medications can cause hormonal imbalances in adults too. This is why breakouts can appear at any age.

That said, hormones aren’t the only culprit behind acne-prone skin. Everything from warm temperatures and stress to dehydration and genetics can also stimulate excess sebum production. 

Chances are that you already know what your acne triggers are. However, if you don’t, start keeping a record of when your breakouts are at their worst and you should start to see a pattern emerging.

A Skincare Routine for Acne-Prone Skin

What should a skincare routine for acne-prone skin consist of if you’re trying to banish the appearance of breakouts? Follow these steps and it won’t be long before your skin looks clearer and brighter than ever:

1. Cleanse Your Skin

cleansing mousse

Daily cleansing is important for all skin types. However, it becomes even more so for people with acne-prone skin. 

Why? Because if you’re trying to keep the appearance of pimples away, then you need to prevent excess oil and other impurities from clogging up your pores. It doesn’t take long for these impurities to build up on the skin, making cleansing essential, preferably twice a day.

While that may be the case, you’ll need to be careful about the cleanser that you choose to use. Many of the cleansers out there that have been designed for acne-prone skin can actually be a little too drying. Sure, you want to remove all of the grease that’s sitting on your skin, but you don’t want to completely strip your skin dry. This will only stimulate your sebaceous glands into producing even more sebum each day! 

So, go for a cleanser that’s thorough yet gentle, such as Celestolite’s Estrella Cleanser Mousse. It forms a rich lather that effectively lifts away excess sebum, dirt, and other impurities. At the same time, it’s infused with amino acids to leave your skin feeling stronger and suppler. 

2. Use a Toner

facial toner

Cleansing can often interfere with the skin’s pH level. This can be problematic for everyone, but particularly so for acne-prone skin.

When the skin’s pH level is out of whack, sebum production can increase. At the same time, your skin provides the ideal environment for bacteria to flourish. It doesn’t take long for extra sebum and extra bacteria to trigger a breakout, making it important to keep your skin’s pH feeling balanced.

The best way to do this is by applying a toner once you’re done cleansing, with the Celestolite Estrella Facial Toner being a firm favorite. This formula is incredibly hydrating. In addition to leaving your skin feeling balanced and soothed, it will also give your complexion a plumper and fuller finish, thanks to the inclusion of aloe vera leaf juice and cucumber fruit extract. 

We’ve also added some witch hazel extract to our toner. It’s a fantastic ingredient for diminishing the appearance of enlarged pores, something else that’s extremely common in acne-prone skin.

3. Apply a Targeted Product

dark spot corrector

Now that your skin is freshly cleansed and toned, it will be feeling super receptive to any active ingredients that you apply. This is a great time to use any targeted products that you may have.

There are plenty out there designed for acne-prone skin. However, our top choice would be the Nova Dark Spot Corrector from Celestolite. This formula has been created to fade the visibility of acne marks and other forms of hyperpigmentation. It’s a highly concentrated blend containing a mix of ingredients that have each been proven to help reduce the look of dark spots. From kojic acid and arbutin to vitamin C and green tea extract, regular use of this product will leave your skin looking so much more even.

4. Apply a Vitamin C Serum

vitamin c serum

Everyone should be using a vitamin C serum, simply because the ingredient is capable of helping with just about every visible skin concern out there. 

When it comes to acne-prone skin, vitamin C aids in a few ways. To start with, research shows that it helps to reduce the appearance of inflammatory lesions. It feels incredibly soothing, enabling it to fade the appearance of breakouts and calm the look of redness.

At the same time, it also works to lighten and brighten the complexion. If you’ve been left with dark marks from acne breakouts, regular use of vitamin C will soon have them looking far less noticeable. 

For best results, look for a serum that combines vitamin C with other antioxidants, just like the Celestolite Estrella Renewing Vitamin C Serum does. Not only does it contain two forms of vitamin C, but it’s also infused with vitamins A and E. It contains some of our signature ingredient too; meteorite powder. This is another ingredient that can help to lighten the look of discoloration while giving the skin a beautiful glow.

5. Moisturize

luna mineral cream

Think that you don’t need to moisturize because your skin is already producing more sebum than necessary? Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. Sure, you have plenty of sebum, but sebum is oil – your skin cells also need moisture, meaning water, in order to thrive. 

What happens if your skin cells don’t get enough moisture? It doesn’t take long for the skin to become dehydrated, and, as we mentioned above, dehydration is a common cause of breakouts.

A moisturizer changes all of this. It helps to improve moisture retention in the skin while providing the skin with an extra boost of hydration. Sure, some moisturizers can play havoc with acne-prone skin, leaving it feeling heavy and super greasy. However, look for a lightweight formula that won’t clog your pores and you’ll be able to keep your skin cells hydrated, which won’t leave them feeling like they need to produce extra oil.

The Celestolite Luna Mineral Cream is a moisturizer that feels surprisingly weightless on the skin. It doesn’t contain any heavy ingredients – instead, it’s filled with lightweight humectants and moisturizing vitamins. 

Those with acne-prone skin will be happy to see that salicylic acid also features on this moisturizer’s ingredient list. This beta-hydroxy acid is loved by people with oily skin because of how it dives deep into the pores to clear out blockages. It calms the look of inflammation and redness too, making it the perfect multi-tasker for acne-prone skin.

6. Don’t Forget About SPF

nova bright skin cream

If you’re following this skincare routine in the morning, then there’s one final step that you should never forget; using a sunscreen. The sun’s UV rays damage the skin in so many ways, from accelerating the skin aging process to altering skin cell DNA and causing skin cancer. They can also make acne marks and scars so much worse, meaning that the remnants of your breakouts will take significantly longer to fade away.

When picking a sunscreen, be sure to go for a formula with an SPF of at least 30. Have a quick read over the ingredient list too – it shouldn’t contain any ingredients that are known for clogging pores. Ideally, just like when choosing a moisturizer, you want a sunscreen that’s as lightweight as possible. Thick and heavy sun creams spell bad news for acne-prone skin, so find one with a thinner consistency.

The Celestolite Nova Bright Skin Cream SPF 30 meets the mark perfectly. Not only will it protect your skin from the sun, but it’s also an amazing moisturizer. With a blend of hydrating humectants, vitamins, and antioxidant-rich plant extracts, it will leave your skin feeling softer and smoother, as well as safe from the sun! 

Extra Tips for Dealing With Acne-Prone Skin

If you really want to see an improvement in your acne-prone skin, make sure that you’re consistent with the skincare routine that you create. The above routine can be tweaked as much as you like, but stick to the routine that you end up with. Consistency is so important when it comes to clearing away the look of breakouts, so don’t get complacent with your skincare. Your products need time to work, and it’s important that you give them a fair chance.

Once you start adding a few Celestolite skincare products to your routine, you may struggle to stop touching your face, simply because of how soft it will feel! However, touching your face is a big no-no when you have acne-prone skin. You’ll be covering it with even more bacteria, meaning that more breakouts won’t be far behind.

It goes without saying that picking at pimples shouldn’t be done either. You’ll be so much more likely to end up with scars, which you definitely don’t want! Instead, be gentle with your skin and allow it to heal in its own time.


When dealing with acne-prone skin, it’s easy to over-complicate things with a ten-step routine that’s overloaded with acne-specific products. However, you don’t necessarily need all of this. Keep things simple and targeted while also ensuring that the rest of your skin feels soothed and balanced and it won’t be long before you’re able to finally banish the appearance of your breakouts for good!

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