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The Importance of a Good Cleanser in Skincare

The Importance of a Good Cleanser in Skincare

Cleansing is the essential first step of every skincare regimen – it’s one of the most basic parts of caring for the skin. Whether you’re trying to put together a routine for oily skin, dry skin, sensitive skin, or anything else, just about every piece of beauty advice out there will tell you to begin with a good cleanser.

Because of this, there are now thousands of different cleansers on the market. Some are great, but others aren’t quite so impressive. In fact, some cleanser formulas can actually end up damaging the skin in the long run, which you definitely don’t want!

So, read on as Celestolite explains why using a good cleanser is so important, along with how to pick a formula that will help, rather than harm, your complexion.

What is a Cleanser?

As depicted by its name, a cleanser is a skincare product designed to clean the skin. A good cleanser will remove dirt, pollutants, dead skin cells, and excess sebum from the surface of the skin, preventing them from working their way deep into the pores. Some cleansers will remove makeup products too.

Cleansers are available in different forms, with some of the most popular being:

  • Mousse cleansers, which form a creamy lather
  • Foam cleansers, which create a soapy, sudsy lather
  • Cream cleansers, which are quite thick in texture
  • Gel cleansers, which are very lightweight

Which cleanser types are the best?

That all depends on your skin type, along with the ingredients used to create that cleanser. Generally speaking, gel and foam cleansers are designed for oily skin, while cream cleansers are geared toward dry skin. Mousse cleansers, on the other hand, tend to work well for all skin types. If you find that creamy cleansers are too thick while gel and foam cleansers are too drying, then a mousse cleanser would be the perfect middle ground.

Why Exactly is Cleansing So Important?

woman rinsing face

As mentioned above, cleansers clear away impurities from the skin’s surface, preventing them from delving deeper down into the skin’s layers. If you were to skip a cleanse, all of those unwanted particles would end up congesting your skin and clogging up your pores. This would then lead to breakouts, dullness, and roughness.

In the long run, those impurities would also damage your skin cells in a way that accelerates the skin aging process.

Another benefit that comes from cleansing is boosting product penetration. By removing the layer of dirt and oil on the skin’s surface, any skincare products that you use after that will be able to access your skin cells far more efficiently. As a result, they’ll work in a more effective manner, giving you better results.

Separating the Good From the Bad

So, when it comes to the many different cleansers out there, how do you separate the good from the bad? 

Here are a few things to keep an eye out for the next time you’re shopping for a good cleanser:


mousse cleanser

Every cleanser contains surfactants. These are the cleansing agents that enable a cleanser to clean the skin. They emulsify oils and fats to de-grease and clarify the complexion, making them some of the most important ingredients in any cleanser.

However, this is where the problems begin

Although surfactants are essential, the way in which some of them interact with the skin can be problematic. They can potentially damage the structure of your skin’s surface barrier, causing everything from dryness to sensitivities to inflammation. 

Some surfactants are also infamous for how they interfere with the skin’s pH level. This leads to irritation among several other skin concerns.

So, which surfactants should you be avoiding?

Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) is a common one to stay away from, as is sodium laureth ether sulfate (SLES). Both of these strip away the skin’s natural moisture, leaving it dry and dehydrated.

Instead, look for surfactants that have been derived from plants. Everything from coconuts to corn to sugar beets are sources of surfactant compounds, and these are much kinder to the skin than the chemicals mentioned above. In addition to cleansing the skin, they also have a moisturizing effect.

You’ll find coconut-derived surfactants in Celestolite’s Estrella Cleanser Mousse. These ensure that the cleanser is still able to do its job but without causing any harm to the skin.

Hydrating Ingredients

skincare ingredients

Even the gentlest cleanser will still leave the skin feeling a little thirsty post-cleanse. That’s why every good cleanser out there will also be infused with hydrating ingredients.

In the Estrella Cleanser Mousse, you’ll find glycerin. It’s a humectant, meaning that it’s an ingredient that boasts moisture-binding properties. It’s able to deeply hydrate the complexion and plump it up, leaving the skin looking much fuller and brighter post-cleanse.

Amino Acids

If you’re currently using a cleanser that doesn’t contain amino acids, you’re missing out! They’re one of the best ingredients out there for strengthening and supporting the feel of the skin’s barrier, making them so useful in a cleanser.

Even better, amino acids help to improve moisture and hydration levels too. This is why every good cleanser will contain a selection of amino acids. 

In the Celestolite cleanser, you’ll find wheat amino acids as well as sodium cocoyl amino acids. The latter comes from a mix of coconut fatty acids and rice. In addition to offering the amino acid benefits discussed above, this ingredient also functions as a surfactant, meaning that it offers up its own cleansing properties.


All cleansers need to contain preservatives. Without these, the cleanser wouldn’t be able to remain safe, stable, and effective.

However, some preservatives are better than others. This not only applies to how they work in a skincare formula but also to how they affect your skin.

Parabens are among the worst preservatives out there. There are several studies out there that point to how parabens are potentially linked to breast cancer. In fact, some parabens are even banned in certain countries.

So, when searching for a good cleanser, make sure that you go for a paraben-free formula. There are so many safer alternatives out there that won’t put your health at risk. Do your skincare shopping at Celestolite and you won’t have to worry about this since all of our products are paraben-free!

Special Extras

While the main purpose of a cleanser is to clean the skin, some cleanser formulas will also contain one or two extra ingredients to make that product dual-purpose.

Take the Estrella Cleanser Mousse, for example. We’ve infused this cleanser with meteorite powder, which is an ingredient that’s pretty rare in cleansing products! It also happens to be our signature ingredient here at Celestolite because of the many ways in which it can benefit the skin. It’s packed with minerals that can help with everything from improving how firm and elastic the skin feels to brightening the complexion. This is why the skin takes on such a gorgeous glow after our cleanser has been used!

How to Use a Cleanser

skin toner

Finding a good cleanser is only the first step in ensuring that your face benefits from all of the advantages that a cleanser can offer. You also need to make sure that you’re using your cleanser correctly if you want your complexion to thrive.

The best way to use a cleanser will vary depending on the cleanser formula you choose. Some are designed to be applied to dry skin while others, including the Celestolite cleanser, should be used on wet skin. 

Once applied, most cleansers need to be gently massaged into the skin. Do this in small, circular motions, ensuring that every inch of your skin has been covered by the cleanser. Formulas that create a lather make it much easier to see and feel any areas that you may have missed.

Then, after about 30 seconds or so, rinse your cleanser off.

Once you’re done cleansing, it’s important not to leave your skin bare. Since you’ve just removed some of the natural oil that keeps your skin moisturized, your skin will now be very susceptible to dehydration and dryness.

What should you apply next? This depends on your skincare routine. Ideally, follow your cleanser up with a toner. If you’re using the Celestolite cleanser, then the Estrella Facial Toner would be the perfect match. It helps to add moisture and hydration back into the complexion while also ensuring that the skin’s pH feels balanced. Our toner is infused with aloe vera leaf juice, cucumber fruit extract, and chamomile extract, all of which will also help to soothe and relax the appearance.

Don’t want to use a toner? Then simply move on to applying a serum or a moisturizer once you’re done cleansing.

When to Use a Cleanser

How often you use a cleanser will depend on your skin type. Those with dry skin usually only need to cleanse once a day in the evenings. On the other hand, people with oily skin tend to cleanse twice a day to prevent too much excess sebum from building up.

Double Cleansing

woman holding face

Double cleansing is a trend that came into the limelight a few years ago, and it looks as though it’s here to stay.

What is double cleansing?

It basically refers to cleansing your face twice. The first cleanse makes use of an oil-based cleanser, while the second uses a water-based cleanser, such as Celestolite’s Estrella Mousse Cleanser. 

Wondering if you need to start double cleansing? 

That depends on whether or not you wear makeup. The main purpose of double cleansing is to ensure that all makeup products, as well as heavy sunscreens, are removed before a water-based cleanser is applied. Some water-based cleanser formulas aren’t able to tackle these heavier products.

That said, if you find yourself a good cleanser, then you’ll be able to remove makeup as well as all of the other impurities on your skin with just one cleanse. 

A Good Cleanser Can Be Transformational for Your Complexion

If you’re in doubt about whether or not your current cleanser is a good one, compare its ingredients to the list featured above to see if it contains the right ingredients. If it’s infused with gentle surfactants, hydrating compounds, amino acids, and a few special extras, without containing any harmful preservatives, then you can rest assured that you’re giving your skin nothing but the best!

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