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Battling Breakouts: Skincare Solutions For Acne-Prone Skin

Battling Breakouts: Skincare Solutions For Acne-Prone Skin

When you have acne-prone skin, it can sometimes feel as though the battle against breakouts is never-ending. As soon as you’ve managed to calm one round of pimples, the next isn’t too far away, meaning that you’re almost constantly having to deal with new blemishes.

Fortunately, there’s a way to break this vicious circle. Read on as Celestolite shares some effective skincare solutions for putting an end to the appearance of breakouts once and for all.

Cleanse Your Skin Twice a Day

Strella Cleansing Mouse

When you’re dealing with oily, acne-prone skin, it’s so important to keep your skin clear of all of that excess sebum that your skin is producing. If you allow it to fester, it will soon start to clog up your pores. This means that your next batch of breakouts will soon be on its way.

Unfortunately, cleansing once a day isn’t enough if you’re trying to gain some control over your breakouts. One study found that a single daily cleanse has pretty much no effect on reducing the appearance of pimples. On the other hand, cleansing twice a day can lead to a significant improvement when it comes to the visibility of acne lesions. 

Don’t be tempted to go overboard and cleanse more often than this either. That same study also examined participants who cleansed their faces four times a day and the twice-daily cleansers still came out on top with the clearest complexions.

This is partly down to how over-cleansing strips away too much of the skin’s sebum. This then triggers the skin to ramp up its daily sebum production. In the end, this will only leave you more oily than ever.

Even if you cleanse twice a day, you could still experience the detrimental effects of over-cleansing if you use an overly harsh cleanser. Stay away from formulas containing harsh acids and drying sulfates, opting instead for gentler blends that will leave your skin feeling stronger and more resilient. The Celestolite Estrella Cleanser Mousse, with its amino acid infusion, would be a great choice!

Give Your Skin Plenty of Lightweight Hydration


Remember we talked about how the skin starts to produce even more oil if you remove too much sebum when cleansing? Well, the same thing happens if your skin cells aren’t receiving enough water. Even though oil and water are very different, the skin still tries to compensate for dehydration by releasing extra sebum.

It goes without saying that if you want to beat your breakouts, then you need to try to reduce how much oil your skin is producing. This will save your pores from getting quite so clogged, which will then prevent pimples from forming.

This makes adequate hydration so important. Unfortunately, drinking your eight glasses of water each day will often not be enough to keep your skin cells sufficiently hydrated. This is particularly the case as you age and your skin’s moisture retention capabilities decline. Once this starts to happen, moisture can evaporate out of the skin faster than it’s replaced.

This is why topical hydration is so important. The right skincare products will enable you to give your skin cells the extra moisture that they need. They can also help to slow down moisture loss. Once you’re able to combat the feeling of dehydration, you should also start to notice that your skin looks less greasy.

Of course, when working with acne-prone skin, thick creams won’t cut it. They’ll only weigh your skin down and clog up your pores even more.

Instead, what you need is a hydrating yet lightweight serum, such as the Celestolite Cosmic Firming Serum. It’s an oil-free formula that’s bursting with hydrating humectants, including sodium hyaluronate, glycerin, and lactic acid. As a bonus, lactic acid also has mild exfoliating effects. Use this serum daily and you’ll be able to hydrate your skin while ensuring that your pores feel clear of blockages.

Regularly Exfoliate to Prevent Clogged Pores

Estrella Facial Peel

Even if you cleanse twice a day, there’s a good chance that you’ll still end up with clogged pores every once in a while. After all, it’s not just excess sebum that causes this. Everything from dead skin cells to pollutants will also work their way into your pores and contribute to blockages. Cleansing twice daily will allow you to remove most of these impurities, but you won’t be able to banish 100% of them.

That’s why it’s so important for people with acne-prone skin to be regularly exfoliating. Exfoliation essentially provides a more intense cleanse, with exfoliants capable of removing impurities from deeper within the pores than a regular cleanser can.

However, when choosing an exfoliator, the same rules apply as when you were picking out a cleanser. Don’t be tempted to go with a harsh product as this will only lead to dehydration, along with an increase in oiliness, in the long run. 

Instead, you need a relatively gentle exfoliant that’s mild enough to be used two or three times a week. Exfoliating in this way, rather than using a super-powerful exfoliator once a week, is a much more effective way of reducing the look of breakouts.

That’s why so many people swear by Celestolite’s Estrella Facial Peel. It’s a lightweight, gel-like formula that will quickly and efficiently remove dead skin cells, excess sebum, and deep-seated dirt. Use this peel after cleansing your skin, before applying any other skincare products. You’ll be rewarded with a brighter, clearer, and more radiant complexion.

Look For Skincare Products That Soothe the Feeling of Inflammation

Estrella Facial Toner

We’ve spent so much time talking about pore blockages, yet clogged pores on their own aren’t enough to cause a breakout. Instead, breakouts occur when those pore blockages come into contact with bacteria. This then leads to inflammation, which manifests as pimples. 

While keeping your pores clear will make a huge difference to your acne, it’s also worth having a few products that you can turn to if you miss a beat and inflammation happens to occur. Formulas designed to soothe the feeling of inflammation will help to calm your complexion. When applied early on, they could stop the appearance of breakouts in their tracks. When applied after a pimple has already emerged, they’ll help to lower the look of angry red inflammation so that you soon won’t be able to see those spots anymore.

So, how can you tell if a product is capable of soothing the feeling of inflammation?

By taking a look at its ingredient list. Certain ingredients are revered for how they do exactly that. Aloe vera is one, with numerous studies confirming the power that aloe vera has to counter the feeling of inflammation. Chamomile is another ingredient with a long line of studies backing it up.

You’ll find both of those botanicals in the Celestolite Estrella Facial Toner. It also contains cucumber extract, another complexion-calming ingredient, plus witch hazel extract to minimize the look of large pores. While one option would be to turn to this toner whenever your skin is looking inflamed, a better move would be to add this toner to your daily skincare routine to prevent the appearance of inflammation from arising in the first place.

Protect Your Skin With SPF

Nova Bright Skin Cream

Did you know that the sun’s UV rays can actually cause acne breakouts to develop? As confirmed by research, this all comes down to how UV rays increase the comedogenic nature of the skin’s sebum. This means that your sebum becomes even more likely to clog your pores.

If that wasn’t enough of a reason to protect your skin from UV light, it’s also worth considering the fact that any acne marks left behind by your breakouts will only darken when exposed to the sun. If you’re using any medicated skincare products to treat your acne, then these can also make the skin more photosensitive. This means that the sun could potentially cause even more damage.

To prevent this, you need a good SPF product that you can rely on each day. However, you’ll need to choose this carefully because you don’t want to end up using a heavy sunscreen that’ll clog up your pores.

One way to get around this is by finding a lightweight moisturizer that also contains SPF, such as the Celestolite Nova Bright Skin Cream SPF 30. It’s a silky, oil-free moisturizer that provides broad-spectrum sun protection. It will enable you to hydrate your skin while shielding it from UV rays at the same time!

Turn to LED Light Therapy

eye wand

If you’re willing to get a little high-tech with your skincare routine, then LED light therapy is worth considering. It has been around for a while but recent advancements have seen numerous home LED devices become available. This means that you can pamper your skin with the benefits offered by LED light therapy without having to fork out for professional treatments.

What exactly are these benefits?

This all depends on the wavelength of LED light that you use. Blue light is usually recommended for acne-prone skin, with clinical studies confirming that blue light therapy will not only improve the look of existing blemishes but can also help prevent the appearance of future breakouts.

Some of the at-home LED light therapy devices out there are designed to be used all over the face. However, if your breakouts tend to be concentrated in one area, it could be useful to look for a device that has been customized for that part of your face. For example, the Photonix-3 Eye Wand is a small, handheld device that efficiently focuses on the skin around the eyes. Meanwhile, the Photonix-3 Neck Solution is shaped in a way that ensures that every inch of your neck can easily be covered. Both devices offer multiple modes. This will enable you to work on other visible skin concerns in addition to your breakouts.

Put a Stop to the Appearance of Breakouts With Celestolite

Ready to welcome in a clear and blemish-free complexion? Follow all of the tips that we’ve shared above and it won’t be long before you’re able to diminish the visibility of any existing pimples while also preventing the appearance of new breakouts from forming. The more consistent you are with your skincare, the sooner this will happen!

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