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Is Your Skincare Routine Missing This Essential Step?

Is Your Skincare Routine Missing This Essential Step?

Some people follow a long and complicated skincare routine while others prefer to keep things simple but, either way, the foundations of every good skincare routine remain the same; cleansing, moisturizing, and SPF. These are the three steps that every dermatologist recommends, providing a good base that you can then build on with other products.

With that said, there’s one more step that, in our opinion, everyone should be carrying out, even though it may not generally be referred to as an essential. 

Keep reading as Celestolite talks you through the importance of using a toner, along with the improvements that you can expect to see in your complexion after adding a high-quality toner to your skincare routine.

What Exactly is a Toner?

A face toner is a thin, water-based liquid designed to be used after cleansing. Although a toner may look very similar to water, these formulas are often packed with powerful, fast-acting ingredients.

Back in the day when toners first made an appearance, their primary purpose was to clear away excess oil from the skin. Most contained strong astringents and alcohol since both ingredient groups quickly dry up excess sebum. This is why toners were primarily championed by those with oily skin but avoided by those with dry skin.

However, these days, toners are very different. Sure, you’ll still find some drying formulas out there but the majority of toners are now crafted to be as hydrating as possible, making them products that all skin types can enjoy. Plus, depending on the toner you pick, you’ll also be treating your skin to a number of other benefits…

What Will a Toner Do For Your Skin?

So, why would you want to add a toner to your skincare routine? 

Here are just a few of the reasons:

Rebalances the pH of the Skin’s Surface After Cleansing

Although cleansing is undeniably an essential part of every skincare routine, there’s no getting away from how cleansing your skin can alter its pH level.

The skin’s natural pH level sits at around 4.7, meaning slightly acidic. However, the pH of a cleanser can range from anywhere between 3.8 to 11. Very few cleansers are actually pH-neutral, simply because good surfactants, meaning cleansing agents, are naturally either acidic or alkaline. 

Why is pH so important? Because that slight acidity helps to regulate sebum production while also keeping the skin protected from germs, bacteria, environmental toxins, and more. Altering your skin’s pH can lead to a number of skin concerns, from acne to extreme sensitivities.

This is why restoring the pH of your skin’s surface with a toner can be such a game-changer for the complexion. This one product could be your answer to overcoming the visible skin concerns that you’re experiencing, which may simply be due to an imbalanced pH.

Once your complexion is back in balance, it will also feel more receptive to any other skincare products that you apply. This means that the results that you see from your serums, moisturizers, and anything else that you use will be so much more impressive!

Soothes the Feeling of Irritation and Inflammation

Strella Cleansing Mouse

The skin often ends up feeling irritated after cleansing. The degree of irritation that people experience varies – many might not even notice visible signs of this immediately after they’ve cleansed. However, skin damage accumulates, meaning that it will likely rear its head in the future.

Why does cleansing irritate the skin?

Because many people either use a cleanser that’s too powerful for their skin, or they apply their cleanser in an aggressive manner. Either way, both actions damage the protective barrier that sits on the skin’s outermost surface. This leaves skin cells more exposed to environmental toxins and irritants. 

Once this happens, inflammation is usually the next step, and this spells bad news for your complexion. Not only does inflammation cause everything from acne to psoriasis to flare up, but it can also accelerate the skin aging process. 

One way to get around this is by using a gentle cleanser, such as the Celestolite Estrella Cleanser Mousse. Formulated with plant-derived amino acids and hydrating humectants, this sulfate-free formula will keep your skin feeling calm while it’s being cleansed.

However, if you can’t bear to part with the cleanser you’re currently using, it would be well worth investing in a good toner to soothe the feeling of post-cleansing irritation and inflammation. This will benefit your skin in the long run in so many ways!

Hydrates and Refreshes the Skin

Most modern-day toners are designed to be exceptionally hydrating. Why? Because hydration is something that all skin types need. 

Your skin relies on a steady supply of moisture in order to function properly. However, there’s so much out there that causes the skin to lose moisture faster than it’s being replenished, resulting in skin dehydration. Some statistics suggest that 98% of the population experience skin dehydration at some point to a certain extent, showing just how widespread this problem is.

Therefore, the more hydrating products you add to your skincare routine, the better. Since a toner is applied immediately after cleansing, it has direct access to your skin cells. This means that it will be able to provide an instant dose of hydration, especially since the watery consistency of a toner enables it to quickly sink into the skin. 

Makes Large Pores Look Smaller

Although toners aren’t as drying as they used to be, many formulas do still contain mild astringents. These work to de-grease the complexion, making the skin feel less oily.

This has a knock-on effect on pores, leaving them looking smaller and lighter. The way in which toners hydrate and soothe the complexion helps with this too, leaving the face looking smooth and clear.

Gives the Skin a Glow

If you want your skin to look bright and radiant, a toner is a must in your skincare routine. These effects are all down to the other ways in which a toner benefits the skin. The hydration that it provides, along with how it balances the complexion, gives the skin a healthy-looking glow pretty much immediately! 

With that said, some toners also contain additional complexion-brightening ingredients. Some brighten the look of the skin immediately while others need longer to work. Either way, they’re fantastic for anyone who has been battling dull-looking skin.

Choosing a High-Quality Toner

Estrella Facial Toner

Just like with all skincare products, not all toners are created equally. Some are far better than others in terms of quality.

How do you pick a good toner?

Start by looking for alcohol-free formulas. Even if you have oily skin, alcohol isn’t the best way to dry up excess sebum. Sure, it may do just that, but it also dehydrates the skin and damages the skin’s protective barrier. There are plenty of other ingredients out there that can leave your skin looking less oily, without causing that level of damage and irritation. 

You’ll then need to decide what you want from your toner. If you’re looking for a way to get your skin to feel less oily, then mild astringents are key. Meanwhile, if oily skin isn’t an issue for you, then you can skip these. Focus on hydrating ingredients and antioxidants instead.

Of course, some toners provide a little bit of everything, making them suitable for all skin types. The Celestolite Estrella Facial Toner is the perfect example. Here are just a few of the ways in which it boosts the complexion:

  • Hydrates the skin with aloe vera leaf juice and allantoin
  • Soothes the feeling of inflammation with chamomile extract and cucumber fruit extract
  • Witch hazel extract reduces the appearance of large pores, without drying out the skin
  • Fights visible free radical damage with all of the antioxidants from the extracts mentioned above
  • Meteorite powder immediately brightens the complexion, giving the skin a beautiful glow

This formula is truly a fantastic all-rounder, making it a great addition to any skincare routine.

Adding a Toner to Your Skincare Routine


Wondering how a toner would fit into your skincare routine?

It always follows on from cleansing. Usage instructions may vary between products but, generally, all you’ll need to do is dispense some of your toner onto a cotton pad and simply swipe this over your face and neck. Alternatively, sprinkle some of the product onto clean fingers and gently pat it into your skin.

Once you’re done, move on to the next stage of your skincare routine while your skin is still damp from your toner. Although you want to give the product some time to soak in, you also don’t want to lose too much of it to evaporation. Applying another product, such as a serum, over the top will help to lock your toner in. 

The beauty of having a good toner to turn to lies in the multi-functionality of this product. In addition to using a toner after cleansing, you can also add it in to other stages of your skincare routine. 

For example, moisturizing is always best done on damp skin. This traps in the excess water molecules sitting on your skin’s surface, which gives the skin some extra hydration. One way to dampen your skin before moisturizing is with a toner. Just dab a few drops onto your face and then quickly follow up with your moisturizer. It will add an extra layer of hydration to your skincare routine, enhancing your skin’s glow!

How Often Should You Use a Toner?

As mentioned earlier, traditional toners were very drying products. For this reason, daily use was often not recommended.

However, if you’re going with a hydrating toner, like the Estrella Facial Toner, then it would most definitely be a beneficial addition to your daily skincare routine. Use it whenever you cleanse your face, both morning and night, and your skin will thank you!

Creating the Perfect Skincare Routine With Celestolite

There’s nothing wrong with keeping your skincare routine basic – this can often be better for the skin than long, 15-step regimens! However, sometimes, it can be worth making time for an extra product, and a toner is most definitely one of these. It will only take you a few seconds to apply one yet the improvements that you’ll see in your complexion could be transformational.

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