8 Ways to Smooth Away Eye Wrinkles

8 Ways to Smooth Away Eye Wrinkles

There is a saying that the eyes never lie.

Everything can be seen in just one look – how you are feeling, what you are thinking, and, also, how old you are.

Well, not the eyes themselves, but the area around them. You get what we’re saying!

The face is generally the first body part to show signs of change, whether it is due to the influence of the sun, pollution or some health issue you might have.

As for the aging process, the area around the eyes is the first one to surrender and give room for fine lines and wrinkles. As the time passes, they get deeper and deeper, and more visible.

In order to combat those wrinkles appropriately, you need to take some action, and you need to take this now. Join us at Celestolite as we share exactly what you need to do to get rid of those eye wrinkles. 

The Sensitivity of the Eye Area

Woman looking at skin in mirror

The skin around the eyes is extremely sensitive and thin. It also contains fewer oil glands, leaving it drier.

This is why you need to find a way to treat it correctly, so that you don’t damage the delicate skin here and make matters worse. That said, the area is extremely prone to dark circles, puffiness and wrinkles. Everything you feel, every health problem you might have, will reflect around your eyes

While bringing back that youthful smoothness may not be easy, it can be done! Read on to learn Celestolite’s top wrinkle-smoothing tips.

Choose Products That You Can Depend On

Celestolite Venus Collection

First things first, when choosing a proper product for the area around your eyes, it is best to opt for a set of products that has a separate eye cream or a serum in it. This means that the manufacturer understands the importance of treating the area around the eyes and pays special attention to it.

Celestolite Products for the Eye Area

When it comes to fighting wrinkles on your face and around your eyes, there are no better products than those made by Celestolite. Every Celestolite eye cream will prove us right.

Many Celestolite collections have products that target the area around the eyes specifically. However, in order to get the full effect, you need to address the whole face, and use every product from the collection.

One of our favorite Celestolite collections would be the Venus Collection. It contains everything that your face and eyes need:

  • Cleansing Mousse
  • Daily Renewal Cleansing Kit
  • Facial Peel
  • Night Cream
  • Sensitive Eye Cream
  • Sensitive Eye Serum

Be Careful While Cleansing or Exfoliating

When you are applying a cleanser or an exfoliating product, be extra careful when treating the area around the eyes. You need to be very gentle, and never rub the area too strong. Gentle strokes for a fresh look and a good cleanse are the only things you need.

If you want the best cleansing kit for your face, you should definitely try the Venus Cleansing Mousse and the Venus Daily Renewal Cleansing Kit, both of which pair well with the Celestolite eye cream. They serve to remove all the dirt that has been accumulating on the surface of your face, thus setting your pores free. Your face will appear fresher and more radiant than ever. 

In addition to that, the Venus Daily Renewal Cleansing Kit moisturizes the face and the area around the eyes. This is extremely important, because the more you moisturize the area around the eyes, the less wrinkles you will have.

With the Venus Facial Peel, you will remove all the leftover makeup that got stuck deep in your pores and give your face a good and thorough cleanse. However, these types of peels, although refreshing, shouldn’t be used more than one a week because there is danger of damaging the very thing we want to refresh and rejuvenate.


Celestolite Eye Cream

This goes without saying for many people. However, it is important to emphasize that the area around the eyes is drier than the rest of the face, and needs additional care.

This doesn’t mean that the regular moisturizer you use won’t do it. But, products that are specifically designed for the eye area have additional ingredients that target the area and give additional push when it comes to fighting wrinkles and fine lines.

After a good Celestolite cleanse, the Celestolite Eye Cream should follow, along with some additional products you won’t be able to do without once you try them out.

And when it comes to dealing with the wrinkles around your eyes, the Venus collection has two amazing products that target the wrinkles and fine lines that have appeared.

The Venus Sensitive Eye Cream has an advanced formula that will definitely put a stop to the aging process. In addition, puffiness will also be a thing of the past. This Celestolite Eye Cream contains caffeine, which stimulates the blood circulation around your weary eyes, stimulating the production of much-needed collagen. As you know, collagen is being naturally produced in our skin and is responsible for the skin feeling elastic and youthful looking.

As you are getting older, collagen production deteriorates and the skin becomes more rigid and prone to cracking. These cracks, known as wrinkles, are a direct consequence of that.

By applying products that stimulate blood circulation, we are actually bringing more elasticity to the area we are treating. That is why with this Celestolite eye cream, the wrinkles around your eyes will be the thing of the past.

Use a Serum

If you are looking to rejuvenate the area around your eyes, the perfect product for you would be the Venus Sensitive Eye Serum. It works perfectly well with the aforementioned Celestolite Eye Cream. It is rich in Green Tea Extract, which helps by protecting the area around your eyes from harmful free radicals. As a result, the aging process is completely slowed down, as is the appearance of new wrinkles.

Green tea is also rich in tannins, which shrink the skin and help with the swelling and puffiness. So, not only will you tighten your skin, you will get rid of puffy eyes too, and start each new day looking completely revitalized.

Don’t Be Afraid To Experiment With New Products

Celestolite products

There are many cosmetic companies that have put a lot of effort into finding a perfect way of dealing with the signs of aging. As the science behind it all advances, so do the techniques. Since we have mentioned Celestolite as the best when it comes to treating the signs of aging, we have to mention that our vision includes much, much more.

The Mars Wrinkle Correcting Solution

Apart from various types of Celestolite eye cream, you can also try out other products that remove wrinkles around your eyes or make them less visible.

The Mars Wrinkle Correcting Solution is a non-surgical syringe that will give your skin a proper boost with an amazing combination of Peptides, Vitamin E and Caffeine. You’ll find it in the Mars Magnetic Collection.

We have already mentioned the power of caffeine over wrinkles, but what about Vitamin E?

If you ask us, it should be included in every anti-aging collection. It is one of the most effective ingredients there is. It not only fights off free radicals, but it successfully reduces UV damage, which is usually the main culprit for early signs of aging on your face.

Fine lines? Goodbye.                                                   

Wrinkles? Farewell.

That’s how strong this amazing product is. Look no further and give your face and your eyes the treatment they deserve.

Cosmic Wrinkle Plumper

If you combine your Celestolite eye cream with this product, you will get an instant result.

It is cosmic for a reason. The science behind it is completely out of this world. It is so powerful, that you will see your wrinkles slowly diminishing and disappearing in a matter of days.

Impossible, you say?

Trust us, it’s not.

By applying the Cosmic Wrinkle Plumper on the area around your eyes, you’ll be infusing your skin with Vitamin B3.

This gives your worn down skin cells the energy they need to restore the youthful look of your face, while also fighting the inner and outer reasons that are responsible for the skin cell deterioration. When skin cells are renewed, the premature signs of aging start to become less visible in a matter of days.

It is easy to use – simply apply the solution directly on the wrinkles you want to see gone. It shouldn’t be used more than once a week to avoid unwanted response of the skin.

Yes, a Celestolite eye cream is something that will be beneficial in the long run, but that doesn’t mean other products aren’t effective. On the contrary, there are multiple ways you can improve the appearance of your face and the area around your eyes.

Try Facial Massages

Woman having facial massage

This is quite a unique and enjoyable activity everybody should try. You could do it on your own or you could go to a professional. If you ask us, it is always better to have someone massage you then to do it on your own. It helps you relax more.

Facial massages stimulate blood circulation. When the blood starts rushing to your face, you will feel the energy flow your face has been missing. That sort of stimulation influences many things.

Firstly, it boosts your collagen production.

Secondly, it serves as a perfect way to relax your face and your muscles. Whether you feel it or not, your face absorbs much of the stress you go through during the day. So, it is not just your body that suffers the weight of stress, but your face, too. A series of gentle, yet effective strokes of hand could really do wonders for the state of your face.

A massage, especially if combined with a Celestolite eye cream, will give your face a change. It will soon look as fresh and radiant as it used to do. As for the area around the eyes, wrinkles and fine lines will certainly become less visible and puffiness will be long gone.

Never Forget SPF

Yes, we mainly focus on existing fine lines and wrinkles around our eyes. But what about the ones that are yet to come?

You always have to keep in mind that, while you are dealing with the existing signs of aging, new ones can arise. That is why it is important to protect your face constantly from the detrimental effects of the environment. The biggest aging culprit is the sun. This makes it important to protect your face, especially the area around your eyes from the harmful UV rays.

They are responsible for the majority of the premature signs of aging. So, never forget to apply SPF each morning before you go outside. Alternatively, use a moisturizer that also contains SPF. We recommend the Celestolite Nova Bright Skin Cream SPF 30. 

Stay Hydrated and Eat Well

Drinking enough water is a prerogative not only in the fight against the signs of aging, but for taking care of your general health, too. When our skin is dehydrated, it loses its necessary moisture, making the skin less elastic, and, therefore, more prone to the appearance of wrinkles.

That is why you need this to be your daily mantra – more water, less wrinkles.

On the other hand, there are some food groups that can help your skin retain the youthful appearance. Sugar and fast food are, of course, out of the question. Green vegetables and a variety of fruit should do the trick.  

Follow all of these tips and treat your eyes to a Celestolite eye cream a couple of times a day, and it won’t be long before the skin around your eyes is smoother and tighter than you could have imagined!

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