How to Get in on the Slugging Trend

How to Get in on the Slugging Trend

The ongoing pandemic put the whole world to a halt and forced everybody to spend vast amounts of time indoors, trying new things. This is particularly true when it comes to trying different skincare products.

When you have that much time on your hands, of course you are going to spend it trying new things, new food, new cocktails (no disrespect to all those wine loving individuals, we see you), and, of course, new skincare routines.

When you hear the word ‘slugging,’ it may remind you of something not that pleasurable, well, at least not as pleasurable as drinking cocktails or wine.

However, everybody who is on Tik Tok is definitely familiar with this, let’s not say new, but reformed, skincare routine. The name may sound strange, but when you think about it, it is quite logical. Let’s see why that is.

What is Slugging?

Finger in tub of vaseline

Another year, another trend, another craze…

 Or, is it, though?

Slugging is a Korean skincare trend that was all the rage a couple of years ago. It regained popularity after a Korean actress reintroduced it. The rest is history, it ‘tiktokked’ the world by a storm.

It consists of applying a thick layer of Vaseline or petroleum jelly on your face in order to serve as a barrier to prevent moisture loss from the skin. If you thought applying a simple moisturizer is going to be enough, this hefty layer of greasiness might prove you wrong.

What is Petroleum Jelly or Vaseline?

It is an oil derivative that was discovered accidentally during an oil-drilling process a long,
long time ago.

It is a blend of mineral oils and waxes which was discovered by Robert Augustus Chesebrough. He saw that oil workers used some sort of a slimy mixture for healing their wounds and burns, and thought it appropriate to develop it further, and sell it under the name Vaseline.

Now it is used all over the world and might be found as a standard necessity in almost every household.

Slugging – The Perfect Moisturizing Effect

Woman looking at skin in mirror

Vaseline or petroleum jelly has been used to solve different skin conditions since forever. Its occlusive properties give it the strength to safeguard your face, preventing any moisture from exiting the surface layer of your skin. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that slugging can do wonders for your face.

It has a nice soothing effect, so it is extremely beneficial if you have dry skin, especially in the winter months, when dry skin gets even drier and more prone to cold weather damage. It is nothing like other moisturizers since it doesn’t add any additional moisture. It simply gives your skin the chance to save its own moisture from leaving.

It is said to help prevent 99% of transepidermal water loss. It creates an impenetrable barrier on your skin, making all the water loss almost impossible. The skin gets the signal to produce more intercellular lipids which repair the skin barrier. Once you remove the barrier, your skin gets a new, nourished and shiny look.

In order to reach its fullest potential, it is best to apply it before you go to bed, so it can do its magic overnight.

Healing Effects

If you have any injuries, such as cuts or cracks, don’t fret, Vaseline can solve that, too. As a natural barrier, it will prevent the bacteria from penetrating your skin, which will ultimately help your wounds to heal faster.

It seems that our worst enemy in the winter months, apart from dry skin, are chapped lips. Who here has not felt the pain and the burning of a chapped lip waiting to be rescued? That is why most of us keep a lip balm or something of the like close to us, in order to provide moisture to their lips at any given moment.

However, as any other product, lip balms can fail, when there are more serious injuries in question. This is where Vaseline comes into the picture. Slugging will help your lips, and make them plump and whole again.

A Good Solution for Different Skin Conditions

Woman looking at skin in mirror


The most sensitive types of skin will certainly find this advice extremely useful, especially if they are in the middle of dealing with various types of skin conditions. Take, for example, eczema.

It is a really painful and irritating skin condition, which causes the face to flare out. However, more and more studies show that Vaseline could be a very successful means of solving this problem.


One of the most common inflammatory skin conditions that is sure going to make your life quite more difficult in case you get it. The right reason behind the appearance of rosacea is still unknown and varies significantly from person to person. However, that makes it that much harder to find an effective cure.

However, most dermatologists, as confused as they may be over the cause of this skin condition, usually unite when they discuss the most effective healing method. Nine out of ten dermatologists will suggest using petroleum jelly in order to soothe the skin and make rosacea the thing of the past. It protects the red skin that is undergoing an inflammatory process, helping it to heal more quickly. So slug in, and begin the healing!


The condition usually connected to elevated levels of stress can easily be controlled with just a few layers of Vaseline every now and again. You may wonder why not every day. Well, there is a well-known mantra we believe everybody needs to follow in order to achieve both physical and mental balance in life.

In this case it is – everything in moderation.

As healing as Vaseline’s properties may be, by overusing it, you can actually achieve a counter effect, especially if you are dealing with serious skin conditions such as Psoriasis.

Anti-Aging Effects

Oh, yes, we know that we have now struck the fancy of the majority of  readers – if you think you read it incorrectly, rest assured, it is correct– it slows down the aging process of your skin. Much research has shown that Vaseline, in fact,
has some sort of microbial activity which makes the process of regulation of peptides on your skin significantly faster.

If you fear this is not true, just look at some of the most renowned anti-aging products. You will see that peptides are one of the most important ingredients in every modern beauty cream. And just when you thought you will again have to go and spend a fortune on that cream that you think did the trick. We came at the right moment, didn’t we?

Nourishes the Lashes

As unbelievable as it may seem, the slugging trend will take care of the state of your lashes, too. If you put just a bit of it at the base of your lash line, it will make a world of difference.
Vaseline can do wonders for your lashes, because it will, in a reasonable course of time, make your lashes thicker and add more volume to them.

Alternative Vaseline Usages and Benefits

Woman applying petroleum jelly to face

As a product that has occlusive properties and seals all the water in, it is extremely beneficial for other parts of your skin, too. Cracked heels, which trouble many people around the world, can become the thing of the past with the regular usage of this product. You just need to soak your feet in warm water and add some salt to it. After that, you need to dry your heels completely and apply a thick layer of Vaseline. Put on some cotton socks to retain all the Vaseline on your heels and that is that.

You can introduce even your dog to the slugging trend. Not for their face, but for their paws. Their pad skin can crack easily and cause a great deal of pain for them. When this happens, the thing you can do is clean their paws and apply the jelly. Do this after a walk, when your dog is resting, so the jelly isn’t wiped off.

Admit it, until now, you didn’t know that Vaseline has such a wide-spread use. Now that you know, we suggest using it frequently, however, with care and, again, moderation.

However, there are a few basic guidelines before you decide to get slugging.

Who Can Use It?

Beneficial as it may be, there are some groups of people that simply should refrain from partaking in the slugging trend, because
it may cause the deterioration of their existing skin condition. This applies most to those with acne prone skin. 

The main problem of acne-prone skin is that it produces extra sebum and oil on the surface of the skin. It is an already disrupted process which slugging can only make worse. There are many different exfoliants and products for oily skin that can help you establish your own routine and fight the condition. However, slugging is not one of them.

But, if your skin is dry and dehydrated, of course, you can freely soak your face in Vaseline regularly.

How to Make Slugging a Part of Your Skincare Routine

Woman applying face serum

Clean Your Skin

This is the first and most important step towards a perfect skin. Trends come and go, but the first step to any of them is cleaning your face properly. So, it is essential to start with washing your face. That way, you are cleaning all the residue and dirt that was collected on the surface of your face during the day.

As we have said, the slugging trend uses Vaseline as a type of complete barrier between the skin and the outside world. Imagine sealing your skin when there is dirt on its surface. It is like waiting for disaster to happen, in this case an inflammatory process that will appear as a consequence. So, make sure you wash your face properly.

Apply a Serum

After a proper cleanse, you will need to soothe your skin by using a proper serum for hydration. Not only will it serve as a good first step towards a perfect skin routine, but it will also even your complexion.

If you don’t yet have a go-to serum, give the Venus Vitamin C Serum from Celestolite a try.

Apply a Moisturizer

It may seem that applying a moisturizer before Vaseline might be a bit overdoing it, but it really isn’t. The moisturizer and Vaseline have two completely different purposes. The moisturizer is there to hydrate and nourish your skin, whereas Vaseline is there to keep the hydration locked, and maximize its effect.

The Celestolite Luna Luminous Touch is a great moisturizer to pick!

Apply the Petroleum Jelly

Take the jar, dig in, take a hefty amount of the jelly and smudge it all over your face. Be sure not to miss a spot. The trend is called ‘slugging’ because at this point you seem slimy and shiny and may leave a trail like a slug, but it doesn’t matter. The important thing is that you are going to wake up with your face fresher and more radiant than ever!

It is worth the slime.


After you wake up, be sure to wash the petroleum off, and reveal your new, glowing skin.

Side Effects of Slugging

As you can imagine, with almost every product, there may be a negative side to using it. Slugging as a process is no different, so let’s see what its cons are.


Some people are allergic to petroleum-derived products, which means they can react in different ways to its usage. They can get different skin inflammations, irritations, or some adverse reactions of a different nature. It is important to be careful and watch out for any type of allergic reaction, so that you can act appropriately.

Possible Infections

It is important to follow the aforementioned steps in the routine, putting special emphasis on cleaning your face. Not cleaning your face properly can cause different fungal or bacterial infections.

Cleansing your face should appropriately remove all the bacteria and residue in the pores. If you don’t do that diligently enough, you risk leaving bacteria behind. Once you seal your face with Vaseline, you seal the bacteria, too, making it easier for them to multiply and cause a bacterial infection.

Clogged Pores

Again, cleaning the skin before using petroleum is of utmost importance, since not doing that properly can lead to clogged pores, which can, again, lead to an acne outbreak or similar skin conditions.

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